Thursday, May 5, 2011

So Much to Celebrate

WOW, today is a totally fabulous day -- it is the National Day of Prayer and there is no better opportunity to turn all your cares and blessings to our Lord and Savior than today ... but remember, there is no place or time we cannot pray! Take time each and everyday of your life to thank God for the blessings He heaps upon you ... don't forget, blessings come in different packages and some might not be as easy to swallow as others ... but they are all blessings He has given us!

It is also Cinco de Mayo -- take time to explore and try a new, or old, culture and food today! There's nothing quite like chips and salsa!!!

And last, but definitely not least, today I had the awesome opportunity to enter a Mother's Day Getaway Giveaway ... two round-trip tickets on Southwest Airlines plus a prize package. This fabulous opportunity is being offered by Simple Mom; give it a try for yourself ... altho' have to admit, I hope I am the lucky winner!!!!

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