Monday, September 3, 2012

September 3, Last Day of Being 63

Today I am embarking on Phase II of my weight loss journey -- I have successfully kept off 23.3 lbs for over 2 years; it is time to take another 20-lb plunge toward ONEderland. I weighed in at 206.6 and I am setting my first mini goal for 30 September and a loss of 10 pounds. As unbecoming as these photos are, this is how I look today:
I will be posting weekly updates on my weight and a monthly photo. I am planning to walk a 5K charity event on the 15th of September and again on the 29th of September. I am also going to help compete on our Training Center's rowing competition == 100,000 meters between the period 15 September and 15 October. I want to sail into retirement at the end of the year weighing 166.6.

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