Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Random .... there's that word again!

There is nothing random about any aspect of my life, and I’m not in charge of its destination. God is. He is sovereign, not random. Therefore, my life path is sovereignly superintended by a loving God. This message came through loud and clear in numerous ways this morning!

First, I had a random conversation with my sister Linda where we discussed how God gives us free will and even though we make the wrong choice, that choice is in His plan for our lives and He will provide the moment of redemption for us to get back on the right path.

Second, reading my devotionals (this one from Women of Faith) and Marilyn Meberg supplied the beginning paragraph of my post today.

Third, our Command Sergeant Major has 32 years in the Army and is anxious about retiring because he really wants to continue to work and ... he stopped at my door this morning and we also discussed how nothing is random in our lives -- God has a plan for him ... and for me (also contemplating retirement this year).

I thank God every single moment of every day that NOTHING IS RANDOM in my life!

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