Saturday, March 17, 2012

St Patrick's Day

Mike and I decided to have bangers and mash for our St Patrick's Day dinner instead of the usual corned beef and cabbage. He found the bangers at our local COSTCO store. First, I browned up the bangers in a little unsalted butter. Next I sauteed some onions in the drippings and added brown gravy mix, stirring and reducing the heat until it thickened.
Forgot to mention that before I started this process, I placed our potatoes in the microwave to cook --thanks to our good friends, Butch & Lynn Lott, we never cook or bake potatoes on the conventional stove --

Once the onion gravy has thickened, spread about half on the bottom of your baking pan, layer the bangers, and cover with the other half of the onion gravy.

Mash your potatoes with butter, salt, pepper and enough milk to make them creamy. Layer them on top of the bangers with gravy: Bake at 350 degrees F for approximately 20 minutes.

While the main dish was baking, I used a Bobby Flay recipe to saute fresh kale for our green side dish -- kale must be an acquired taste and I don't think we will have it again but ... it was pretty and the garlic was great!

Dinner was served and we watched Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close after dinner -- intense movie but very insightful.

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ike said...

That looks fabulous - what a fantastic turn on boring old bangers & mash. Yummy :-)